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About Us

About Us

What We Do

Xilytica is a leading big data analytics consulting firm that helps businesses tackle their data surplus and turn the information noise into tangible business insights. By processing raw data, we provide timely insights that help our clients take informed decisions, serve their customers better while also staying ahead of competition.

Not just this, we are actively enabling people to become data savvy so that they are able to read data to spot important business trends, and make informed and impactful decisions for businesses. We help them develop skills to think analytically using statistical tools and give strategic inputs to their team.

All this and much more…we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to make your careers fast rising ones, and are looking to become your long-term growth partners. So come along and do initiate a conversation with us today.

Why Data Science & Machine Learning

The analytics revolution has arrived. Inexpensive hardware and new storage technologies are allowing organizations to collect and store a vast and varied amount of data including customer behavior, web, social networking, mobile, manufacturing, and energy, etc. Organizations want to use this data to improve decision-making and achieve efficiencies not seen before. According to Gartner, organizations are spending close to 80 billion dollars in 2014 on analytics. People who can make sense of large and varied data are hugely valued and highly paid.

This explosion in demand has created a glut of analytics professionals. In the US alone, there will be an analytics talent shortage of 140,000- 190,000 by 2018. The Big Data analytics sector in India is expected to witness an eight-fold growth by 2025 – from the current $2 billion to $16 billion, according to industry experts. According to NASSCOM, the job market will see a surge in the job openings for Analytics professionals from around 90,000 at present to around 3,00,000 in 2018.

Forbes magazine calls Data the new Oil. Let us teach you how to power a business using this new fuel.

Our Trainers

Nitin Monga

Data Science & Machine Leraning Trainer & Consultant

An entrepreneur by heart & Data Lover by the brain. Love exploring data and solving challenging and competitive industrial problems in the field of Analytics, AI, Deep Learning & NLU/NLG/NLP, and converting them into actionable insights. He has a total of 12 + years of rich experience across IT & Analytics technology stack. Passionate about building scalable, high-quality practical data-driven solutions and like to talk about futuristic ideas and product engineering. Actively involved in global technology events/seminars as a guest speaker and a passionate evangelist of advanced technologies in the data science technology domain. As a leader, he has led several data science teams while pairing with machine learning researchers, engineers to maximize the speed of experimentation and production.

5 + Years as a Data Scientist Consultant & Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, SQL, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Tableau Trainer, providing training & consulting solution to Companies, Institutes, Colleges & Individuals.

His interest includes Machine Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision, GPU Deep Learning, Algorithmic Game Theory, Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian Machine Learning, Kaggle, Autoencoders, and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

Saurabh Agarwal

Analytics & Machine Learning Trainer

An alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi, Mr. Saurabh has completed his graduation and post-grad in engineering. He is associated as a trainer with HBTU Kanpur, Great Learning Gurgaon & EICT Academy IIT Guwahati for their programs on Data Analysis & Machine Learning. A consultant to IBM and UNESCO for Business Analytics, he has conducted international workshops/training for Saudi Aramco, Kiatanin Bank Bangkok, KBM Kuwait, Ministry of Road Transport Abu Dhabi and prominent domestic training at AIMA, New Delhi, Symbiosis University Pune, KJSIOM Mumbai, VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur, Ernst & Young Trivandrum. One of his papers on “Strategic Business Decision for Managers – An approach to ERP Evaluation” was presented at a conference at IMT Nagpur and was then published as a chapter in the book “Role of Management Science in Decision Making”. With interests in Data Mining, Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Structural Equation Modelling, Machine Learning, and working knowledge of platforms like R, Python, SPSS, Amos, Clementine, IBM Watson Analytics, Saurabh brings immense experience and value to us.

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