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Application of Data Science in Managing Risk of Banks & Financial Institutions

Feb 4,20by admin

More and more businesses today are riding the wave of analytics and the same is the case with the banking …

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Random Process & Random Variable

Aug 19,19by admin

Random Process – an event or experiment that has a random outcome. Something that you can’t predict accurately. Might know …

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Aug 16,19by admin

In statistics, Poisson Distribution is a discrete probability distribution that considers the number of successes per unit of continuous variable …

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Aug 12,19by admin

In probability theory, the Binomial distribution is a discrete probability distribution of a number of successes in a sequence of …

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Descriptive Statistics vs Inferential Statistics

Aug 7,19by admin

  Descriptive Statistics 1. It describes or summarises the data. 2. A measure of central tendency includes Mean, Mode, Median …

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Aug 1,19by admin

    POPULATION, SAMPLE,  PARAMETER & STATISTICS In this post, I have explained the difference between Population & Sample.   …

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Statistics – Types of Data

Jul 25,19by admin

Qualitative/ Categorical Data – Data that can take on only a specific set of values representing a set of possible …

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15 Steps to become a Data Scientist in 2019

Jan 1,18by admin

  People who can make sense of large and varied data are highly valued and highly paid. As per Harvard …

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Top 10 Statistical Models

Nov 28,17by admin

  Statistical Learning Theory is a framework for Machine Learning drawing from the fields of statistics and functional analysis. Statistical …

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Data Science as a Career for Non-Tech Professionals

Nov 15,17by admin

  Over the course of last century, technology has transformed everything around us. It has been a superb catalyst behind …

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