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As businesses collect increasing amounts of vital data, the need for effective, intuitive, and actionable interfaces increases every day. Tableau is part of a new class of business intelligence tools, which dramatically reduce the time and technical acumen required to derive insights from data and publish it in a consumable format.
You’ll learn all of the features in Tableau that allow you to explore, experiment with, fix, prepare, and present data easily, quickly, and beautifully.
This Course includes the complete in-depth knowledge of Tableau that perfectly meets the requirement of the industry and gives you a better chance of being hired as a Tableau professional.

This Training will equip you with the necessary skills to work with the Tableau tool and gain proficiency in both the Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Server platforms. This includes understanding Tableau Desktop and Server tools, working with dashboards, R connectivity with Tableau, web interface, server processes and real time projects.

In this course, you’ll learn how to make the data work for you so that you can aggregate, analyze and visualize your data.

    • Learn how to plot line and bar charts
    • Learn how to use extracts, joins and blends
    • Learn how to advanced techniques such as Gantt charts, Treemaps, circle charts, Heat maps
    • Learn how to plot line and bar charts
    • Learn table calculations
    • Format your data for visual impact
    • How to tell a story with Tableau

The course will include a lot of Hands-On, Assignments, Quizzes, Real Case Studies &  Projects so that nothing stays theoretical. 


    • You should take this course if want to learn Tableau completely from scratch
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting professionals
    • You should take this course if you are good with Tableau and want to take your skills to the next level and truly leverage the full potential of Tableau
    • IT Developers, Testers, Project Managers
    • Data scientists, Analysts, Statisticians and Financial professionals
    • Those aspiring for a career in Business Intelligence

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Tableau
Introduction to Tableau 00:00:00
Course Curriculum 00:00:00
Installing Tableau
Installing Tableau for Windows 00:00:00
Installing Tableau for Mac OS 00:00:00
Tableau Basics: Your First Bar chart
The Business Challenge – Who Gets the Annual Bonus? 00:00:00
Connecting Tableau to a Data File – CSV File 00:00:00
Navigating Tableau 00:00:00
Creating Calculated Fields 00:00:00
Adding Colors 00:00:00
” Adding Labels and Formatting” 00:00:00
Exporting Your Worksheet 00:00:00
” Get The Viz” 00:00:00
Time series, Aggregation, and Filters
Section Intro 00:00:00
Working with Data Extracts in Tableau 00:00:00
Working with Time Series 00:00:00
Understanding Aggregation, Granularity, and Level of Detail 00:00:00
Creating an Area Chart & Learning About Highlighting 00:00:00
Adding a Filter and Quick Filter 00:00:00
Maps, Scatterplots, and Your First Dashboard
Section Intro 00:00:00
Joining Data in Tableau 00:00:00
“Creating a Map, Working with Hierarchies “ 00:00:00
Creating a Scatter Plot, Applying Filters to Multiple Worksheets 00:00:00
Let’s Create our First Dashboard! 00:00:00
Adding an Interactive Action – Filter 00:00:00
“Adding an Interactive Action – Highlighting “ 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Joining and Blending Data, PLUS: Dual Axis Charts
Section Intro 00:00:00
Understanding how LEFT, RIGHT, INNER, and OUTER Joins Work 00:00:00
Joins With Duplicate Values 00:00:00
Joining on Multiple Fields 00:00:00
The Showdown: Joining Data v.s. Blending Data in Tableau 00:00:00
Data Blending in Tableau 00:00:00
Dual Axis Chart 00:00:00
Creating Calculated Fields in a Blend (Advanced Topic) 00:00:00
Section Recap 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Table Calculations, Advanced Dashboards, Storytelling
Section Intro 00:00:00
Downloading the Dataset and Connecting to Tableau 00:00:00
Mapping: how to Set Geographical Roles 00:00:00
Creating Table Calculations for Gender 00:00:00
Creating Bins and Distributions For Age 00:00:00
Leveraging the Power of Parameters 00:00:00
How to Create a Tree Map Chart 00:00:00
Creating a Customer Segmentation Dashboard 00:00:00
Advanced Dashboard Interactivity 00:00:00
Analyzing the Customer Segmentation Dashboard * 00:00:00
Creating a Storyline 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Advanced Data Preparation
Section Intro 00:00:00
What Format Your Data Should Be In 00:00:00
Data Interpreter 00:00:00
Pivot 00:00:00
“Splitting a Column into Multiple Columns “ 00:00:00
MetaData Grid 00:00:00
Fixing Geographical Data Errors in Tableau 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
What's new in Tableau 10
Section Intro 00:00:00
“The Challenge: Startup Expansion Analytics “ 00:00:00
Custom Territories Via Groups 00:00:00
Custom Territories Via Geographic Roles 00:00:00
Adding a Highlighter 00:00:00
Clustering In Tableau 00:00:00
Cross-Database Joins 00:00:00
Modeling With Clusters 00:00:00
Saving Your Clusters 00:00:00
New Design Features 00:00:00
New Mobile Features 00:00:00
Section Recap 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Groups and Sets
Section Intro 00:00:00
Project Brief: 1,000 Startups 00:00:00
Working with Groups 00:00:00
Creating Static Set 00:00:00
Creating Dynamic Set 00:00:00
Combining Sets 00:00:00
Controlling Sets With Parameters 00:00:00
Dashboard: The Startup Quadrant 00:00:00
Dashboard Tricks 00:00:00
Section Recap 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Advanced Table Calculations
Section Intro 00:00:00
Project Brief: Coal Terminal Utilization Analysis 00:00:00
Creating Multiple Joins in Tableau 00:00:00
Calculated Fields vs Table Calculations 00:00:00
Creating Advanced Table Calculations 00:00:00
Saving a Quick Table Calculation 00:00:00
Specifying Direction of Computation 00:00:00
Writing your own Table Calculations 00:00:00
“Adding a Second Layer Moving Average “ 00:00:00
Quality Assurance For Table Calculations 00:00:00
Trendlines for Power-Insights 00:00:00
Creating a Storyline 00:00:00
Executive Report is Ready 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Advanced Data Prep + Analytics In Tableau
Section Intro 00:00:00
Project Brief: Retail Sector Forecasts 00:00:00
Building Box Plots in Tableau 00:00:00
Analysing Box Plots 00:00:00
Working with Large Data Sources 00:00:00
Pivot & Split 00:00:00
What Does Real World Retail Look Like? 00:00:00
Primary Use Case For Data Source Filters 00:00:00
Trendlines 00:00:00
Data Prep Exercise 00:00:00
Advanced Timeseries Blending 00:00:00
Calculating Sales Per Capita 00:00:00
Forecasting in Tableau 00:00:00
How to Present a Storyline 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Creating Animations in Tableau
Section Intro 00:00:00
Project Brief: World Health Trends 00:00:00
Editing Blending Relationships 00:00:00
Building the Visualisation 00:00:00
Adding Animation 00:00:00
Manually Sorting Blended Data 00:00:00
Leaving a Trail in your Animations 00:00:00
Finalizing the Dashboard 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Level Of Detail Calculations (LOD)
Section Intro 00:00:00
Project Brief: Regional Profit Analysis 00:00:00
Preparing the workbook 00:00:00
Aggregation and Granularity (refresher) 00:00:00
LOD Calculations Intuition 00:00:00
LOD Type 1: INCLUDE 00:00:00
Understanding ATTR() in Tableau 00:00:00
LOD Type 2: EXCLUDE (Part 1) 00:00:00
LOD Type 2: EXCLUDE (Part 2) 00:00:00
Multiple fields in an LOD Calculation 00:00:00
LOD Type 3: FIXED 00:00:00
Finalizing the Visualization 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00

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