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First of all, I have to thank Xilytica and my Instructor Nitin for enlightening me about the concepts of Data Science. Here at Xilytica, the Data Science journey lead by Nitin was an awesome one. As a mainframe developer for more than 8+ years, I did not get enough chance to work on a programming language that deals with statistics and graphical representations to understand data in a simple and easier way. Luckily, I came across Xilytica where Nitin helped me to understand necessary concepts about Data Science in a simpler way which helped a person like me from a Mainframe background (black and white world) to look at data in a colorful way.

For me, Nitin stood more as a Friend than an Instructor. His knowledge, energy, and commitment towards teaching Data Science were always at the high node and he was well equipped with the latest things that are coming up in the field of Data Science. Apart from the defined course materials at Xilytica, he made the course much more interesting with real-time examples and also helped with those real-time examples in the following sessions. He is also good at time management and made me comfortable to take the sessions in my daytime as I and Nitin live on two sides of the world. Course lead by Nitin helped me to restructure my thinking on how to look at the data and eventually it helped me to understand data in a simpler and much efficient way. I would have been JUST happy if I have got a job related to Data Science once I complete the course at Xilytica. But Nitin’s knowledge, support, and friendly relationship on teaching Data Science pushed me a step further to come up with a long time plan for my own startup that elevated my professional career more than what I planned in a really short time with confidence. I personally thank Nitin for all his efforts in teaching me Data Science. Thank YOU, Nitin and Xilytica..!

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June 26, 2021

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